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Podimo is going live across Germany later this year. You’ll have access to thousands of the best podcasts, as well as completely new, unique shows that can’t be found anywhere else.

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A world of podcasts…

Podimo brings you the podcasts you already know and love, as well as lots of exclusive content from both well-known and brand new hosts.

At Podimo, our mission is to build a new, fair ecosystem for podcasters that rewards creators for making content that people want to hear. Our business model means you’re supporting your favourite podcasts every time you listen.

Are you a podcaster?

Are you a podcaster?

Podimo is built for podcasters

Podimo is a platform that’s dedicated to podcasts – and to you as a podcaster. Our dream is to be the podcaster’s preferred platform, and we hope you’ll want to be a part of it!

Monetise your podcasts

Podimo is introducing a compensation model that rewards all podcasters for their work - whether it’s a niche podcast with a handful of dedicated listeners, or a well-known show with a massive following. The number of listeners you have and how much time they spend listening determines how much you earn – it’s as simple as that. Contact us below if you’d like to learn more.

Getting started…

The tools we’ve built mean it’s easier than ever to publish your podcast and interact with your fans. There are so many great reasons to become a part of Podimo, even if your podcast is already streaming somewhere else. Get in touch with us below to hear more.

Big dreams – Big team!

We’ve put together a team with a strong background in all aspects of podcast production. Send us a message if you’re interested in learning more!
We’re looking forward to having your podcast on Podimo.

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